How to disinfect your home & office properly

While many of us continue to work from home, many offices have resumed their normal business. This makes it a huge task to keep the home and office clean and disinfected against the Novel Coronavirus. The local and federal bodies are releasing sanitation requirements against the virus and it is a must to adhere to them. Remember, the more you pay attention to the disinfection needs of your homes and offices, the safer you stay from the wrath of Coronavirus.

Tips for home and office disinfection:

If you maintain a properly disinfected environment, you will not have to deal with the threat of the virus and enjoy smooth functioning. Let us discuss some key tips for disinfecting your home and office properly.

1. Be attentive to the hot spots

Whether it is your home or office, commonly touched areas are the most dangerous ones. You must be very attentive towards disinfecting these areas to ensure safety. Some of the commonly touched areas in homes and offices are handles, doors, and appliances like coffee makers, dishwashers, copiers, telephones, staplers, and more. You must use a sanitizing spray to keep these things sanitized, even better, after touching or using any of these items or items of similar nature, use alcohol-based sanitizer or wash your hands properly with soap and water.

2. Wiping is the best defense

While we all clean the items of use daily, it is more than important to take additional measures. Wiping the surfaces with a disinfectant is a very useful measure. You can dip a cloth in disinfectant or better use a disinfectant wipe to wipe down different surfaces.

When you wipe, make sure you wipe in one direction. The usual practice of wiping back and forth is not effective as it leaves the contamination on the surface only.

3. Bleaching always works

Bleach has been a lifesaver during the virus pandemic. The common household staple, bleach came of great use in disinfecting different surfaces. You can use diluted bleach on appropriate surfaces and keep it clean and virus free.

To make an effective bleach solution, you should mix 5 tbsp. bleach in one gallon of water.

4. Keep it wet and kill the germs

As you clean and disinfect different surfaces, the cleaning and disinfecting professionals recommend keeping the surface wet for some time. The more your solution will be in touch with the surface, the better will be the disinfection results. Let the solution sit on the surface for several minutes before you wipe it down.

5. Use Color Coded Cleaning method

Make sure you do not mix the cleaning supplies. Make different cleaning and disinfection aiding clothes by color-coding them. Use all the items for the designated area only and ensure the best results. These are some of the best tips from reputed cleaning and disinfection service providers to keep your home and office disinfected properly.

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